CX Worlds: Masters Men 40-44: Upset win by Savery

Spanish rider Marco Prieto led the Masters 40-44 race at Cyclocross Worlds early on but was eventually ridden down by Peter Webber and Mark Savery. Webber would make a few mistakes, opening the door for Mark Savery to come in and put his muddy boots all over his couch. Mike Yozell had a technical early on, which we caught on video, but rallied up to a psychotically-good second place, passing Webber and Prieto along the way. Yes, the cheesy video effect where we highlight Savery will probably not be used again.

  • James E O’Loughlin

    Nice video and song choice!

    You never went fast enough to need your brakes in that race. If you stopped pedaling, the mud would suck the speed and life out of you…. Ugggh