DirtWire Coverage of Cyclocross Nationals Needs Your Help wants to bring you its not-yet-patented brand of quirky, quick, and informative video coverage from Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, CO. Thing is, we don’t have the funding to do it. So, in an unprecedented move, we’re asking for your help. We need you to click that “Donate” button up top there.

How does this weird, little ship of a cycling website generally stay afloat?

Good question. We usually rely on race promoters or, in rare cases, third party sponsors to foot the bill and pay us as videographers for the event. (You may have noticed that the site isn’t exactly heavy on ads.) That model won’t work at CX Nats.


the existing media entities will only be bringing you live coverage and a few interviews with only the most elite of the Elite riders. They won’t be bringing you interviews and highlights of Masters and Junior races or doing interviews with the Elites as Christopher Walken, a weird Quebecois dude, or a Boston townie.

Here’s what we plan to do in sick, BULLET POINT FORM:

  • Short highlights of ALL age category races and interviews with podium finishers
  • Interviews with Elite racers, even ones OUTSIDE the top 5 or even 10
  • Goofy interviews with Ultra Enduro Dyude, Super Endurance Guy, and Christopher Walken

While any donation is appreciated this is what you get with a particularly generous donation:

  • For $500 you get your company/team/whatever logo on your highlights of choice.
  • For a $250 donation you get your name in the “thank yous” at the end of a highlight video of your choice AND an item from the menu below.
  • For a $100 donation you get to sic a character of your choice—Ultra Enduro Dyude, Super Endurance Guy, or Jerky Christopher Walken—on a rider of your choice.
  • For a donation of $50 or more you get to request an interview with ANY rider (or person, really), amateur or pro and suggest up to three questions (as long as they are not mean-spirited or incredibly inappropriate).
  • Donate any amount, and be loved by us all. is truly a grassroots cycling coverage site. It’s a team effort between us and you. This is a great time to support the site and possibly customize your cycling media in the process. Thanks for your help and see you in Boulder!

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    We love what you do, but you of course realize that since 2007, we’ve covered every single age group, and one look at our YouTube will show that we interview racers from every age group, not just “only the most elite of the Elite riders.” You know that, since you’re often standing next to us, waiting for the same people. We sincerely hope you make it there, more coverage is better, but let’s just be accurate in what you’re offering: Another angle and video, and sometimes another (Walken) voice. A good thing for any cyclocross fan for sure…but Cyclocross Magazine made its name by covering all races, and we’re committed to doing that still eight Nats later. Hope to see you there.

  • Thom Parsons

    Oh brother.