Hampshire 100 Highlights NUE Series #11 2015

There’s no such thing as too much singletrack.

A grueling 100 mile race in the magical forests of New Hampshire. Race number 11 (not 9 as stated in the title … oops!) in the 2015 National Ultra Endurance Series.

More information on the NUE Series: http://nuemtb.com

More information on the Hampshire 100: http://hampshire100.com


Dan and The Wildfire: https://soundcloud.com/danandthewildfire

Mike Golay: http://www.mikegolay.com

Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn via: http://www.avclub.com

  • Dan k

    When I host a mtn bike event, get married or need any video footage, your fee is worth it. I will encourage all NUE and other promoters to get with Thom and Dirtwire.tv – these memories are now formally documented and thus lasting. You can’t turn a corner without seeing you in the most remote of places, hell even in trees. I will be handing water and working aid stations when I am 80 just to be a part of this mayhem. Futhermore I think events like Trek World, the Vegas Bike Show and other events should hire Dirtwire as well becasue I can’t be everywhere yet I can live through the lens the ‘bike life’ or a life that I might otherwise not be able to have or remember with such detail. I just wish we had Dirtwire around in 1993 we I got started back on pedal bikes after being a kid growing up. Nice work.