How to Choose The Best Hoverboards

There have been concerns about the safety of hoverboards, causing recalls of some brands. Despite these self-transportation devices being enjoyable especially during the holidays, it poses a number of hazards. Nonetheless, some people use them professionally.

What is a hoverboard and how does it work? This is an electric device on which a person stands and steers oneself forward. You place your feet on two wheels and the board balance itself. Lean forward to increase the speed and back to slow down or reverse. You can turn by simply pressing one foot forward and the other backward. Hoverboards run on batteries or motors in the wheels. It is possible to find a brand more sophisticated such as one with an app preventing unauthorized users.

Well, in the process of buying the best hoverboards keep in mind the following factors.


In as much as you want to own a hoverboard, you should know there have been cases of some products overheating and even exploding into flames. Faulty lithium batteries are one of the causes of the accidents. Some caught fire during rides or charging. Therefore, as you plan to invest in a hoverboard, make sure the brand you are settling on is safe and has not been associated with fires or overheating.

However, to prevent such troubles, watch your board charge, avoid overcharging it and do not have it charging the whole night. Besides, use the charger that comes with the hoverboard.

Age of the rider

Never buy a hoverboard for your little ones. Children 12 years old and above are the ones to ride. Even so, there is still danger of them hurting themselves badly. The speed of the hoverboard can be hazardous for children. If you weigh over 200 pounds, let hoverboards be since most of them can only accommodate lower pounds.


The best hoverboards are high quality. It can be hard determining that if you are buying them online. However, expand those images and look out for features such as the housing and frame material, type of wheels (plastic or metallic), internal motors and sensors. Go for a sturdy, durable product made from strong, long lasting materials. Reading more reviews would help you tell whether a brand is worth your money.

Charge time

When a hoverboard takes more time charging than others, consider acquiring it. The battery power determines the distance you will cover and your speed. Therefore, you be patient with the changing time of your self-transportation tool.


You are free to choose slow or fast speeds. Many best hoverboards have speeds ranging from 2-10mph. You can also get products with 12mph speed. This way, you are in a position to decide how fast you want to ride.


This is about how far you ride your hoverboard. Some of the things that matter here are incline, terrain, your weight, and speed. Flat areas are easier to ride than inclines. It all depends on your abilities as a rider.


Are you planning to use your hoverboard all day and in various places? Then look for lighter best hoverboards. They are easy to move around with and carry in places you cannot ride. If you will be using your board for one errand, then weight does not matter. You can handle a heavy product. Most brands weigh 20 pounds and more. Remember to carry your charger if you will be covering longer distances.


The price tag on any hoverboard depends on its features and sophistication. Certain features cause higher cost, for example, stronger frames, dual motors, remote control with keychain mechanism and Bluetooth connectivity. Nonetheless, you can still find basic, safe, affordable hoverboards.


Not all places allow you ride a hoverboard. Some cities do not allow riding on bike lanes or sidewalks thus restricting you to the parking lot, your driveway or basement. However, some locales enable you to ride your electric vehicle on the street. The best thing to do is contact the police in your area for clarification on where to use your board.


Purchase hoverboards from reputable, popular brands and make sure you are buying directly from the seller, not a reseller. Also, use authentic sites such as Amazon, which have return policies. There is no need of buying a cheap product from a questionable source and risk harming yourself.


Choosing the best hoverboards is easier when you know the factors to consider during purchase. In that regard, be careful when shopping. Check the quality, construction, frame, and material used to make a product you consider buying. Make sure it is safe, durable and high quality.